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Patent Search w/Legal Opinion Starting at $460

The first step in protecting your invention is conducting a Patent Search (also known as a Prior Art Search). Prior …

Provisional Utility Patent, Starting at $540

Secure your “PATENT PENDING” status within days with a provisional patent application, which offers a low cost and expeditious way to begin…

20 Year Nonprovisional Utility Patent, Starting at $3,800

Considered the most complex legal document, this 20 year utility patent is crucial for market success and is the only way to protect…

Welcome to the Invention Protection Law and Research Group

Invention Protection Law and Research Group

The Invention Protection Law and Research Group (IPLRG) is a law firm specializing in protecting the intellectual property interests of individual inventors and small businesses throughout their entrepreneurial efforts. Our firm works with clients in all 50 states and throughout the world. Our firm was founded by, and only employs, experienced patent attorneys and patent agents who have a degree and background in engineering or science. Our experience is unmatched, with thousands of prior art searches and successful patent filings to date; we boast a higher success rate than the averages published by the USPTO and at the lowest prices you will find.

We represent our clients before the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in all steps of patent process with our primary focus of providing the best value for our clients and ensuring they obtain the monopoly on their intellectual property that the Constitution provides for. We further assist our clients in legal matters relating to their intellectual property, such as licensing support, negotiations, contract formation, and enforcement.

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