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About Us

The Invention Protection Law and Research Group (IPLRG) is a law firm specializing in protecting the intellectual property interests of individual inventors and small businesses through all of their entrepreneurial efforts. Our firm was founded by, and only employs, experienced patent attorneys and patent agents. Each of our patent attorneys has a degree and background in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biochemical/biomedical engineering, manufacturing engineering, systems engineering, civil engineering, and/or aerospace engineering.

How To Protect Intellectual Property

Our firm is agile and committed; we deliver quick turn-around on our services to provide our clients the products they seek in a short timeframe. Our experience is unmatched, with thousands of prior art searches and successful patent filings to date. From the start, we review your ideas and determine the level of prior patent material that exists using our in-house developed search tools. We recommend the best course of action based on those results. We then represent our clients before the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in all steps of patent process, from provisional/non-provisional patent application filing through prosecution and patent issuance. Our primary focus is to provide the best value for our clients and ensure they obtain the monopoly on their intellectual property that the Constitution provides for. We further assist our clients in legal matters relating to their intellectual property, such as licensing support, negotiations, contract formation, and enforcement.

Who we represent and what we strive for…

Our firm is located in New Jersey, but our reach is global. We represent clients from every state and across the world who seek patent protection with the United States Patent Office. We also represent clients in the U.S. who seek international protection within the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Our clients are a diverse group that includes individual, independent inventors and entrepreneurs to larger business clients. No idea is too small or too simple, and no client is valued more over another. We understand the financial limitations of smaller, independent inventors, so we deliver results that have value at costs that are very competitive compared to other patent firms.

Our goal…

Our #1 goal is to provide the best value for our clients. We offer the most competitive prices for our services and provide unbiased feedback and support with no strings attached or hidden fees. Preserving your intellectual capital is the key to capitalizing on your ideas. With our firm, you are ensured expert representation in drafting and prosecuting your patent application. We invite all potential clients and inventors to visit our Services and Fees page, as well as our Intro to Patents and FAQ page to answer any questions you may have regarding our services. We also invite you to call us today for a free consultation and introduction from one of our experienced patent attorneys.




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